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About the membership

CAN General Assembly has approved a new membership structure in April 2021 for immediate implementation. These changes are now reflected in the information below.

One of CAN activities is to facilitate climate activists in Jordan to work together through regular conferences, issue-specific working groups, online communication platforms and more. This bolsters the capacity of all members to build a stronger, more effective climate solutions and social awareness for climate change.

CAN provides the coordination for members to build relationships, collaborate on strategy and campaigns, and develop and share resources and capacity to build a stronger, more effective climate solutions change.

By joining CAN you’ll have access to reports, workshops, online platforms, regular working groups, conferences and more.

Who can become CAN member?

Members of CAN are organizations or individuals whose core activities include assisting and protecting people and communities affected by climate change. We are looking for individuals and organizations with a strong commitment for furthering the vision and mission of CAN. CAN members make no distinction in their work on the basis of nationality, race, gender, diversity, religious belief, class or political opinion.

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Please complete and submit the relevant application form below, being sure to include the additional documentation requested. 


Membership fees

CAN took the bold step to wave the network membership fees in 2021 to ensure its membership is representative of the environmental community. Therefore, becoming a member in the network is free of charge.

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Climate Action Network Jordan (CAN)