Climate Action Network Jordan (CAN)

About us

Climate Action Network Jordan (CAN) is a Jordanian environmental NGO that was founded in 2013, and it is based in Jordan, Amman. It was established as the first environmental organization working on climate change solutions in the Middle East.  

CAN works under the supervision of Jordan Ministry of Environment, and it has a Board of Directors responsible for giving policy direction to the organization and playing an oversight role over the operations of the Executive Team. Members of CAN Board are experts in climate actions and solutions; they are well known in the sector of sustainable innovations for communities and cities. The Chairman of CAN recently has received the Abdul Hameed Shoman Innovation Award for his effort in climate actions. 

The Executive Team acts as the management committee of the organization and carries out day to day work of the organization. Currently, CAN Executive Team include 21 full-time employees (8 Male and 13 Female); 18 are first- degree and above holders. Additionally, over 25 community agents are serving CAN on voluntary bases.

They are working in six technical departments: Climate Mitigation Department, Climate Adaptation Department, WASH Department, Climate Justice and Socioeconomic Department, Energy Innovation Department, and Environment Initiatives Department. These six departments are assisted by three other departments: Administrative Department, Financial Department, and Monitoring and Evaluation Department. Policies and systems are in place. CAN recently has got “Low Risk” level by BDO International, the world’s premier accountancy and advisory network. 

CAN works to tackle climate change by bringing forth major societal changes through establishing and building partnerships between local communities, business, government, and public bodies to shift towards a sustainable society and cities. It builds the knowledge and capacity of relevant stakeholders for best practices. 

CAN programs focus on serving the most vulnerable and marginalized people in Jordan, namely children, women, refugees, farmers, persons with disabilities, internally displaced persons (idps), people from minority clans, and other marginalized groups.

CAN has delivered various successful projects, partnerships, and researches. It has membership in various regional and international environmental consortiums and networks. It also has successfully coordinated grants from funding partners that include EU, FAO, UNICEF, United Nations Environment Programme, ACTED, and Jordan Ministry of International Cooperation. 

Since its formation Climate Action Network campaigned and lobbied for inclusion of climate actions in Jordan policies and plans. CAN has established working relationships with Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Along with building working relationships with multiple national civil societies, municipalities, and local communities.



We envision a community where there is safe water, green energy, sustainable ecosystem, inclusion infrastructure, and a resilient economy. 


Build a resilient community to climate change through the mobilization of knowledge, enhanced institutional capacity, informed decision-making processes, and facilitate access to finance and technologies.

Core Operating values

Transparency and Credibility

Transparency is a core value of CAN. It is manifest in the CAN’s disclosure of all activities and projects and its commitment to giving access to all those seeking information in a credible, transparent, swift, and precise fashion and in accordance with the law. The goal is to strengthen oversight and accountability

Excellence and Creativity

CAN views excellence as a deep-rooted culture at the individual and organizational levels. Therefore, it continuously strives to improve performance and excellence by applying universal excellence standards, encouraging creativity and innovation, and incorporating concepts related to creativity into CAN’s business model, making it an actionable policy

Team Work

In its workplace environment, CAN and its employees always push for teamwork, cooperation, and sharing of expertise to realize CAN’s goals and ensure integration.


CAN always pursue partnerships, cooperation, and flexible integration with partners and stakeholders to achieve common interests and realize CAN’s goal of conserving and sustaining the environment and its components


CAN pursues and observes justice in all of its policies and operations in a manner that guarantees fairness to all employees and customers. To achieve this, CAN applies non-discriminatory laws and policies that ensure that decisions are made in a responsive, participatory, and inclusive manner at all levels

Commitment and Responsibility

CAN and its employees cherish the commitment and responsibility toward the community as a basic value without which the CAN’s environmental protection goals cannot be achieved. Therefore, CAN continues to entrench the values of loyalty and responsibility among its employees through better application of laws, regulations, and codes of conduct

History Timeline

Climate Action Network Jordan (CAN)