GC3WEFH center to be established in Jordan

Climate Action Network Jordan proud to join forces with a prestigious consortium for the launch of the Global Center on Climate Change and Water Energy Food and Health Systems (GC3WEFH) project. CAN is on a mission to tackle the pressing challenges of climate change, focusing on the vital nexus of water, energy, food, and health. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainable solutions and resilience against climate change for vulnerable communities worldwide.

For more details about our journey and how you can be part of this transformative project, visit our project website: The Global Center on Climate Change and Water Energy Food Health Systems (ucsd.edu)

About Us

The Climate Action Association (CAN) is a nonprofit Jordanian environmental NGO that was established with national no: (2013012200016) according to the Societies’ law No (51) of 2008 and its amendments on 16th April 2013. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment. It is based in Amman, Jordan.

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